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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Winston has a new home!

Winston has a new home! This was a difficult decision but I am truly confident that we made a great choice and he will be happy. His new family has about 20 acres, a lake, and a 4 year old son. Winston took to their little boy immediately and it made our decision much easier. Winston now has two other dogs to play with and can be out of his crate most of the time. After a lot of tears and sadness I just have to remember that he is in a happier home where he can live without confinement to a crate and has a new loving family to care for him.

It was amazing how we found the family. The father works for a durable medical supply company and was at our home delivering equipment. We began talking about Winston and several days later he called us back! It was simply ment to be!

So saddly we miss Winston but we get phone calls from his new family and are able to keep in touch and can even take our kids out to visit him! They are a wonderful family for Winston!


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