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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Little Jar of flowers!

This is a cute little jar I picked up from Wal Mart! I have been buying them for about a year! They are filled with fruit like mandarin oranges, fuji apples, strawberries, and pears. They sell for 97cents! No lables come on them so I don't have to fuss with Goo Gone! Now don't go rush out and buy them.... I am still collecting! (just kidding)

I simply put the jars in my dishwasher and let them sit out for about a week to make sure they are good and dry! Then you can decorate and fill with whatever you choose! I put buttons, ribbon pieces, flowers and clips in them! I just decided to add this to the top because I got tired of looking at the fruit lable!

I plan to decorate some and fill them with M&M's for my daughter's teacher as a valentines day gift. Of course her's will look better than this! I made this one really simple so I could see what was in it and not worry about throwing it in my scrapbooking/cardmaking tote!

Have a great weekend! I gotta get back to statistics homework! UGH!!


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