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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whew.... Time Flies!

So its already 2009! This past year has been really busy for our family! We (as many of you know) welcomed our 3rd child Zachary who is now 7mts old! I am amazed that I have three beautiful children, wonderful hubby, and ready to hit 2009 and hopefully get back to school. This is definately affect how much crafting time I get but its something I REALLY want and need to do for my own personal satisfaction! I want to graduate from college! So that is my resolution. Its kinda weak since I am not guaranteeing I will do it in 2009 but I will atleast get back to school!

Back to crafting!!

I created a sign for my son's room that is the word baby spelled out in letters. Along with a scrapbook for my husband's grandparents. I would love to post pictures but everytime I put in my SD card the computer crashes. So I am trying to post using my laptop and its SD drive and it needs a driver.... so I will work on that tody or maybe get my hubby to do it. As for now take a look at the wonderfully creative people under the blog list on the right!


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  1. Good luck getting the computers up and running again! I can't wait to see your pictures.